An outdoor fire pit or outdoor fireplace in the backyard can take the chill out of a cool spring, summer or fall evening.

For four seasons out of the year, these functional hardscapes allow you to enjoy your property to its fullest potential.  Typically outdoor fire pits and outdoor fireplaces become focal points for any outdoor living space.

Outdoor Fireplaces

If you live in New England, you know that you are wanting to sit outside with family and friends, enjoying the dusk or evening, but the temperatures can become chilly.  An outdoor fireplace built into your patio can remedy the cold, and also provide a warm glow.

Outdoor Firepits

Outdoor fire pits are similar to fireplaces, but are built so that people are able to sit or stand all the way around the fire, instead of just in front.  Fire pits are open, and invite conversation and marshmallow roasting.  Many temporary fire pits are on the market today. Having one built into the patio or yard provides a permanent gathering space.