Do you dread shoveling snow from your driveway or your business’s parking lot after a snowstorm?


In addition to being a reputable landscaping company on the South Shore, Herzog Landscape Solutions provides snow & Ice management services in Massachusetts. We will clear your commercial parking lot or residence, so you can focus on the important things in your life.

Our crews and equipment are prepared to handle any snowfall that nature can throw our way. All of our snow removal and ice treatment services are provided around the clock and are customized or personalized for your home or business.

We have the knowledge, experience, equipment and personnel to keep you moving no matter how bad weather conditions might be and offer the following residential, commercial and corporate snow removal and ice management services South of Boston:

  •  Snow Plowing
  •  Snow Removal
  •  Snow Relocation
  •  Sanding parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, walkways and steps
  •  De-icing parking lots, sidewalks, driveways, walkways and steps
  •  Snow Blowing
  •  Snow Shoveling
  •  Snow Plowing Contracts

If you want a reliable, responsible and professional snow plowing and ice management company, with 24 years of experience, to handle all of your snow removal, sanding and de-icing services, call Herzog Landscape Solutions today.


During and after a snow or ice storm, our business customers rely on clear, safe access to their parking lots and buildings for their employees and customers. And, that’s why these customers count on Herzog Landscape Solutions to handle all of their snow plowing and snow removal needs, as well as their ice treatment requirements.

Taking care of business while snow falls, and after it has ended, is what we do for our commercial customers at all times … and in all types of weather, ranging from swirling snow blizzards to slick ice storms to a few inches of slush to a few feet of powder.

Timely, efficient and reliable snow removal is not only vital to our business customers, but also for churches or synagogues and their worshippers, for schools and their students or teachers, for libraries and their readers or patrons, or for any other municipal building or property and its employees and visitors.

No matter how bad the storm, treacherous the conditions, or the property in need of snow clearing or ice treatment, Herzog Landscape Solutions has what it takes to manage your snow removal needs with our well-maintained trucks and equipment, and multiple snow plow and snow shovel crews … all available any time of the day or night from mid-November to early April or whenever a snow event occurs.

Herzog Landscape Solutions specializes in commercial snow plowing and removal, as well as ice sanding and salting, for business customers South of Boston, MA. We also offer our customers the flexibility of two payment options based on their own preference: a rate that covers the entire winter season regardless of the amount or frequency of snow or a rate for plowing, sanding or salting per snow storm/event. Similar to our residential snow management services, we will customize or personalize your services to accommodate your own specific snow removal and ice treatment needs or requirements


Most homeowners do not like to clear snow from their driveways, walkways, stairs, steps or decks, especially when it’s 5 a.m. in the morning or 11 p.m. at night.

At Herzog Landscape Solutions, we work all hours of the day or night clearing or removing snow and sanding or salting ice so that you don’t have to … plain and simple.

Most snow plowing companies have one objective in mind during a snow storm … to get on and off your property, usually only the driveway, as quickly as possible. After these companies have finished plowing, you often will find that the plow ripped chunks or strips of grass from your lawn or left behind a layer of snow that later turns into a coat of ice.

Not so with snow removal by Herzog Landscaping. When we clear your driveway with our snow blowers and snow shovels, we clean the snow right down to the asphalt, concrete or pavers … from end to end and edge to edge. We also will remove snow from walkways, stairs, steps, decks, sidewalk in front of your home, or any other areas that need clearing, plus we’ll spread sand, salt or ice melt if that’s what you want us to do. And, if you really want us to use a snow plow to clear your driveway, rather than use snow blowers and snow shovels, we’ll do that, too, with the same commitment to quality and excellence that we apply to all of the work we do.


After a winter storm, when all the snow is plowed, shoveled or blown aside, a thin layer or coating of ice often builds up as the temperature goes down. This situation can be more hazardous than the snow or slush that was previously removed and should be treated before it becomes more dangerous to drive or walk on.

Whether the property is your home, place of worship, business, municipal building, or parking lot, quick and effective treatment of slick snow and ice conditions often is crucial to protect the health and well-being of those who live in, work at, or visit these properties. For most of our commercial snow plowing customers, an application of sand and rock salt, or just salt, is the most effective way to treat slick snow or ice conditions.

For most of our residential customers, a combination of calcium chloride and rock salt, mixed with calcium magnesium acetate, usually is the treatment of choice. This product is particularly effective when the temperature drops below 26 degrees and when protection of your hardscape, lawn and landscape plantings from the strong effects of the chloride/rock salt combination is a priority. To make sure that we do a complete job and cover all of the areas that need treatment, we use a drop or broadcast spreader to ensure that we reach all of the surfaces and edges of your walkway, sidewalk, and driveway.

If your home or business is located South of Boston call Herzog Landscape Solutions and let us handle your ice management needs this winter season.